Lowell Thomas Awards - The SATW Foundation was launched in the early 1980s by a group of member editors concerned about the future of travel journalism. They wanted to encourage higher standards and honor prestige in the field, thus the Foundation’s mission to improve travel journalism by recognizing and rewarding excellence. To accomplish these goals, the SATW Foundation established […]

Marco Polo Status - SATW’s Marco Polo Membership Marco Polo membership is awarded by the Board of Directors to members who have provided extraordinary service to SATW. Marco Polo members must have made major contributions to the growth and development of SATW for at least ten years prior to their selection. Along with all Past Presidents, Marco Polo honorees […]

Muster Photo Competition - Since 1981, the Society of American Travel Writers has honored the finest travel photography in the SATW Muster Photo Competition (formerly the Bill Muster Photo Showcase). As travel and travel photography have evolved, so have the awards, which are presented at SATW’s annual convention. Honors are currently given in Natural Scenics, Cultural, People, Action, Animals, […]

Phoenix Awards - “Because tourism leaves permanent ‘footprints,’ some harmful to the environment, some destroying the reasons for traveling, the Society of American Travel Writers in 1969 created an award to recognize conservation and preservation efforts of individuals and organizations,” SATW President Len Barnes said in 1988. Since then, SATW has recognized conservation, preservation, beautification and anti-pollution accomplishments […]

Photo Shootouts - SATW’s Photo Shootouts are a one-of-a-kind tradition—a competition, a discovery, and a valuable professional development experience all rolled into one. The competition is designed for photographers of all levels. At the 2011 SATW Convention in New Zealand, participants had their own rental car for four days to explore the 650 kms (400 miles) from Auckland […]

Service Awards - Each year the SATW President has the option of presenting special service awards known as the President's Cup and the President's Bowl for distinguished volunteerism.

Writing and Photography Awards - Each SATW Chapter has the opportunity to showcase their members’ talent in their own regional Excellence in Craft competitions. Some chapters incorporate on-the-spot photography competitions known as shootouts, others have independent agencies, usually a journalism school, judge the quality of members’ submissions in a variety of travel journalism categories to select the winners. Discover which […]

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