Freelance Council Meetings

In January 2012, nearly 100 Freelance Council members attended our meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel, with side trips throughout the country.

SATW Freelance Council Meetings are held a minimum of once annually at a destination suitable for story material for our working journalists. In addition, an Annual Meeting of the Freelance Council is held in conjunction with the SATW Annual Conference. During our Council Meetings, professional development sessions are available to our members, as are tours provided by the host and the opportunity for individual research.

Sep 2013: Atlantic City, NJ
June 2012: Riviera Maya, Mexico
Jan 2012: Tel Aviv, Israel
Jun 2011: Fiji
Feb 2010: Thailand

About the Freelance Council

The Freelance Council is one of three councils within SATW. Our members are self-employed travel communicators — a field that includes writers, photographers, broadcasters, lecturers, bloggers, videographers, and online travel entrepreneurs. Our extensive editorial and photographic outlets range from general circulation magazines to the trade press, from top-name travel blogs to international stock agencies, television series, and the professional lecture circuit, and from newspapers to guidebooks. In all, our members represent an estimated 900 worldwide markets.

Our members strive to provide complete, accurate and interesting information on travel destinations, facilities, and services.

Host Benefits

The most high-profile benefit of hosting the SATW Freelance Council is the public relations value attached to media highlighting the host destination. Since Freelance Council members contribute to a broad range of outlets, your message can reach millions of potential travelers. In addition to this publicity, your staff and your destination partners have the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with journalists who influence the decisions of the traveling public daily. Many of our Freelance Council members have significant social media followings, and will share information about your destination with their followers during their visit.

Destination Selection

SATW Freelance Council meetings are not restricted geographically. Meetings take place both domestically and abroad. Our top considerations for destination selection are:

  • Attractiveness of overall package, with emphasis on story-gathering opportunities for Freelance Council members;
  • Pricing;
  • Accessibility;
  • Host’s enthusiasm and interest in meeting Freelance Council’s needs and goals.

A core Freelance Council meeting is typically five days, four nights. Optional pre- and post-tours of three to four days in nearby areas are strongly encouraged.

Attendance at past Freelance Council meetings has ranged from 25 to 110. More attendees may be allowed if the host has the ability to provide lodging and transportation, but we expect around 50 people to attend each meeting.

Only Freelance Council members may attend our meetings. Spouses, significant others, and children are not permitted. These are working trips for working journalists.

Freelance Council members pay a registration fee to attend (both for the core meeting and additional for pre- or post-tours). The host generally covers the costs of airfare from assorted gateways in North America (most members live in the continental U.S. and Canada, but a few also live in Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean); transfers; meals; touring; all appropriate tips, taxes, and gratuities related to the meeting itinerary; and individual hotel rooms for each participant. SATW members married to each other will share one room.

Freelance Council meetings are typically held twice a year: winter (usually January-March) and spring/summer (usually May-July). Other dates can be considered. The Freelance Council tries to maintain a separation between meeting dates to ensure good attendance at both meetings.

For more information, please contact us.
Our current contact for meeting planning is Jack Handley, 2nd Vice Chair, Freelance Council.

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