How to Join SATW

Our Active membership is open to qualified travel journalists, including writers, editors, photographers, bloggers, and broadcast/video/film producers. Applicants residing outside the U.S., Canada or the Caribbean will be considered only if his/her work is published primarily through North American media.

Associate membership is open to publicists and public relations representatives in the travel industry.

What it Takes

  • You must earn a substantial part of your living as a travel journalist or travel publicist.
  • You must demonstrate your professional activities through clippings, videos, blogs, photos, website URLs, apps, or other media.
  • You must submit your qualifications and recommendations through the application system.

All members must substantiate their credentials every two years through our re-qualification procedures.

Apply for Membership

1. Review our Membership Requirements.

2. Actives: Use the Points Chart to tally your points earned. New members must earn 21 points to qualify for membership.

3. Scan documentation to PDF (articles, photos, book covers, and other items) to back up your points.

4. Prepare and submit your Membership Application.

Society Of American Travel Writers

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